Thursday, 13 March 2014

Visual Text ILL

The 5 elements:


The image shows a man screaming at a woman, with a fist coming out of his mouth, punching the woman. 
This shows that the words that the man is screaming at the woman hurt just like a physical punch to the face. 

There are no words in the visual text, but the picture present in the visual text are very impactful because the message that the picture is sending is words hurt just like physical wounds. Just a picture is enough to send the message across and thus no words are needed.

Typographical features:

No typographical features are present but the picture itself is enough to send the intended message across.


People tend to look at things from left to right. By showing the man punching the woman with his words on the right which is where people would look first, and then the woman being hurt on the right, it is a format easier to understand because it shows the before and after.


The colours in the picture are dark and gloomy colours, mostly on the greyscale. This shows that the situation is not fun, it is very serious and it is also something depressing as dark colours are usually associated with seriousness and depression.

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