Monday, 24 March 2014

Visual Text

Image: This image shows two different scenarios; one who is enjoying his day at the beach, and one who is the exact opposite. The image also shows the condition of both men respectively. One has clean and pristine mat to lie on, while the other has nothing to lie on and has to resort to lying on just the ground. This shows the difference between two different levels of wealth, while still having the same action.

Colour: The colour of the man on top are bright and vibrant, which shows his status and state of living. On the other hand, the dull colours of the other man, shows how his life is undesirable.

Text: The phrase "sleeping on the beach isn't always nice" shows how the action of sleeping on the beach is deemed enjoyable in general while there are others around the world who are forced to do it.

Layout: Having the text separating both parties, makes it easier for us to compare and contrast between the different situations.

Shaquille (18)

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