Saturday, 22 March 2014

Visual Text

The image is of a boy who is sitting at at a flight of staircase. His clothing and shoes are all tattered and not in a very wearable condition.
The colours on the boy makes him blend in with the staircase, making him look invisible. The dull colours of the poster also gives a sad tinge to it.

There is a text: "Do not ignore me" written in Chinese. It makes the reader think of all the times that they have ignored unfortunate children on the streets begging for money. 

Typographical Features:
 The words "Do not ignore me" in Chinese is written on a white placard that is very obvious when placed against the dull background, so it is able to catch the reader's attention.

The boy is situated at the side and is not easy to spot at first glance, however, the placard is placed almost near the center of the poster, and since the placard is white, it is easier to catch attention

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