Friday, 14 March 2014

Visual Text

This advertisement portrays 3 human hearts, all of different races. It shows that even though our skin colours are different, our hears are still identical. 

The background of this advertisement is white so as to let the 3 hearts in the foreground stand out to catch the attention of the readers. The logo is also at the side of the hearts to allow the readers to understand who is behind this advertisement. 

The fonts are black and bold so as to allow the readers to read the minimal words clearly. 

All the elements are being placed in the center as it is the center of attention. 

The amount of words is minimal as there are only the words “White”, “Black” and“Yellow” written in the middle of the hearts. 

All these elements highlights the flaws of racism. It is trying to signify that even though our skin colours might be different, everything else (like our hearts, our minds) are still the same. Our skin colour doesn't give us a right to discriminate against others since we are all the same internally. 

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