Friday, 14 March 2014

Visual Text : An Analysis

The Trevor Project, an organization aimed at helping youths feel contented about their sexualities and not to be ashamed of who they are.

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Image :
The image depicts a somewhat lifeless hand lying on a smooth surface, with the word "DYKE" carved into the wrist with fresh blood still flowing out of the wound. The wound is a representative of common infliction of self-harm by slashing of one's own wrists, with the word "dyke" as the reason for the self-harm. "Dyke" is a common demeaning and derogatory term for lesbians, which shows that the person who inflicted the wounds to be bullied for being a lesbian/masculine woman. The lifeless hand hanging limply implies that the person had committed the self-harm as a form of suicide. The poster is made to be simplistic, with the point being clearly brought across. The message being conveyed is that seemingly innocent words that are said can be taken as serious insults and which results in mental and physical harm to the point of the receiver of the words taking their own lives.

Words :
The poster contains only 3 words other than the website and logo of the organization. The sentence "Words can kill" is meant to thought–evoking; that words which are hurled at others can often cause great harm and can cause disastrous results, with an example in the poster showing how a single word can cause the life of another.

Typographical Features :
The usage of a græy colour and a simple font is meant to invoke a solemn mood, and to cut straight to the point of the poster.

Layout :
The hand occupies the centre of the poster, to immediately draw the reader's attention to the topic at hand. The intended reading pathway is from the hand, to the message of the poster, then to the website of the organization. The effect on the reader following this pathway is help the reader to understand what the hand symbolizes and it's significance in respect to the message of the poster. The website is added to direct the reader to the source to support the organization and know the movement of which it is advocating for.

Colours :
The colour palette used is that of a plain monochrome white/græy with a light for the background, the words and the blood dripping off the hand is a striking dark crimson. The red against the bright white background creates a stark contrast which enhances the effect of the blood on the reader to create a more emotional response, as well as to direct the eyes of the reader to the blood when seeing the poster at first sight.

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