Saturday, 22 March 2014

Visual Text

Image: This image shows us how global warming is affecting humans. A little girl is standing on top of an iceberg. A noose is hanged around her neck.As the ice melts, the closer the girl gets to being hanged. This tells us that global warming is causing deaths. Choosing a girl as the main focus will make the viewers feel that global warming is killing innocent people even little children, so in order for this tragedy to be avoided, they would do their best to reduce polluting and reduce global warming. Colour: The colours are bright and well shown to display the important features such as the ice melting and the noose. Text: The words "Climate change, human impact, creative challenge" hints to the audience that the climate change is taking a negative impact to humans and we are expected to act upon it before it is too late. Typographical Features: The font of the words are simple so that the viewers can read them easily. Layout: The image takes up a lot of space which is the main focus of the message. The words are placed at the top with a slope down to show that more and more weight is put on the noose.

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