Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Visual Text


This image shows a two open cans of soda, each of its own brand. One of the cans has the brand pepsi, while the other shows a can with a red background and a white streak, which supposedly represents Pepsi's rival, Coca Cola. There are two straws, one which enters the mouth hole of the Pepsi can's easily, whilst the other has hands that are holding the sides of the can, refusing to enter it. This poster is aimed to encourage people to buy Pepsi instead of Coca Cola by telling its viewers that even the straws prefer pepsi to coke.

The background and colours used are very bright and attractive, and they represent the two soda company's well-known colours. The background is in contrast with the colour of the straws to bring more attention to the straws.

The only words which are shown is the brand Pepsi. This is to further emphasise their points of Pepsi being the only brand that the people should want.

Typographical Features:
The label is cursive and is very significant to a large majority of people who will somewhat recognise the brand. The words are in deep contrast with its background to bring out its significance and draw attention to itself.

All elements of the picture are placed in the middle and have large proportions.

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