Sunday, 16 March 2014

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16th March 2014 
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The Inspiration Room

Bangalore Traffic Police billboard

The image portrays a man with a distressed expression on his face as he deals with the violent splatter of blood emerging from the cellphone he is holding on his left hand. The uncurbed swash of blood unfolding from the cellphone is intended to discourage us from calling and talking to people, especially loved ones while they’re on the road driving. This poster is aimed to educate us and show us that talking while driving is a major cause to reckless driving and can be very dangerous. The blood is an exaggerated way of showing us the consequences of talking to someone who is driving which means we can indirectly cause an unwanted and unpleasant accident on the road. 

The background of the image and the subject him seems to be portrayed in very gloomy and dark colours. However, the colour of the splatter of blood from the cell phone is bright red is of high contrast from the other colours. This is to further emphasize and move the audience’s attention to the blood.

 The text “Don’t talk while she drives” is aiming to convince the audience to not engage in phone calls with people who are driving and inform of the dire results of this irresponsible behavior.

Typographical Features
The words seems to be an extension of the splatter of blood which further intensifies the emphasize put on the blood, which makes it eye-catching and link with the main message of the poster.


All main features of the poster is centralized to focus on the major point in the advertisement.

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