Saturday, 15 March 2014

Independent Learning Log - Tan Shi Jie

Tan Shi Jie (23)


Image : The poster shows a baby bottle that is branded by CocaCola. The baby bottle is a coke bottle, saying that babies also can drink coke

Linguistic Feature : There are very little words present, so this allows the audience to have an easier time reading the poster.

Texture Feature : The phrase “Life Begins Here” is suited with the baby bottle as life begins when one was a baby. The baby bottle tends to make the viewers think about babies.

Typographical : The words have a similar colour as the background. This makes the words unable to read from afar.

Layout : Layout is from left-to-right. On the left side would be the baby bottle that is branded by CocaCola while on the right side would be the words that plays a pun

Purpose : It is to tell the readers that CocaCola is the beginning of everything.

Audience : People who are want to find a beverage to drink

Context : It promotes CocaCola.

Culture : The design of the poster is very simple, however the baby bottle and words are related to one another.

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