Thursday, 13 March 2014

Image: The image is a promotional for the NBC series 'Hannibal'
Colour: The red colour on black references the copious blood on the show combined with Hannibal's dark personality. Hannibal's red eyes are not an artistic quirk, in the books he has a genetic mutation which causes dark maroon eyes, which is meant to symbolise the multiple implied opinions that hannibal's evil is enough to qualify him as a demonic entity. 
Typography: The sharp, bold font emphasises the one-word title of the series and the serious, intimidating tone. 
Layout: Hannibal's face being shown next to the text, especially the creepy eyes next to 'Feed your fear' is intended to inspire fear in the audience. 
Wording: The text 'feed your fear' references the horror in the series and Hannibal's expertise in cooking and common screening of scenes where cannibalism is implied.

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