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This picture shows a small child with dark skin, which most people would refer to as a child from Africa. The child in the picture has a grim expression which reflects the seriousness of the situation. The gun pointing at the head of the child shows that the child is in danger of dying anytime. The pool of blood at the other side of the head shows the possible causes of death of the children of Africa and all the things they are struggling to cope with in order to survive.


The crimson red patch on the top left hand side of the screen symbolizes blood which would link to an injury and a loss of blood. Giving the text "KILL HER FIRST" a crimson red colour also puts emphasis on death. The brownish-yellow background colour will give the impression of mud which reflects the poor environment this young child lives in.

The words "WHAT WILL KILL HER FIRST" is in capital letters to bring the readers' attention to them first. The smaller words on the left of the child's head in the pool of blood emphasizes the large number of problems an African child faces in their lifes.

Typographical features:
The use of simple font gives the reader a solemn and serious mood as compared to using a cartoon font, which would give the reader a cheerful mood.

People normally read something from the top to the bottom and left to right so the reader will look at the picture with the impression that the children of Africa is suffering from all the problems they face (the pool of blood) and when they look at the gun on the right, they will realise that the problems might just kill them. When the reader continues looking downwards, he or she will notice the big text that reads "what will kill her first" which will add to the impact of sympathy on the reader and lastly they will decide to help these people who are suffering and will visit the website to donate money to help those suffering from poverty.

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