Thursday, 13 March 2014

Independent Learning Log

Meredith Teo Shuyi (08)

02:04pm - 02:34pm


The image shows a school of Bluefin Tunas in the deep sea. The picture is taken at eye-level, which gives a very personal feel, making it seem as if the audience is looking at the school of Tunas up close. Amongst them is a Bluefin Tuna wearing a Panda mask. This tells us that if Bluefin Tunas were as adorable as Pandas, perhaps more conservation efforts would've been put in to protect its kind. The objective of this poster is to raise awareness for threatened species who are being ignored by conservationists. 

The short caption "WOULD YOU CARE MORE IF I WAS A PANDA?" is very impactful. It makes the audience ponder on how biased they are towards good-looking animals and how less adorable animals are often neglected.

Typographical features:

The upper case letters make the caption eye-catching, while the simple fonts are striking and solemn. 

The picture makes up the entire poster and the caption is placed at the bottom right corner, where the audience will usually look next. The fine print is placed right below the caption, so the audience can get more information after reading the caption from top to bottom. The designer also pliced the WWF logo next to the fine print to publicize the organization, in hope that potential supporters will look it up, and find ways to contribute.


The colours in the picture are gloomy and shadowy, creating a very somber feel, as well as a sense of dread. As dark colours are usually associated with doom, the colours used in the poster emphasize on the seriousness of the situation. 

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