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T1W4 Independent Learning Log

Independent Learning Log
Term 1 Week 4

What I did : I read up on the article written by on the Anton Casey case that happened recently.

What happened?
Due to Mr Anton Casey's deeply offensive (as described by the Law and Foreign affairs Minister K.Shanmugam) posts and comments on social media that provoked and insulted many Singaporeans, causing a huge uproar on Facebook, Twitter and on many other online forums. Netizens responded with rage and indignation. The anger of the people turned quickly into utter and complete hatred. Some angry netizens even sent Mr Casey and his family threats through email and social media messaging platforms. Mr Casey felt that his safety was jeopardised and compromised thus bringing him to his decision of bringing his family to Perth until he feels "safe" to come back to Singapore which he said is still considered his home. Subsequently, he lost his job at the renowned wealth-managing firm and lost a couple of his friends after his act of ignorance that brought upon himself absolute abhorrence that ruined his image and probably Singaporean's impression of Englishman.

My Point Of View:
I feel that Mr Casey did not think twice about the consequences and feelings of others before he posted the photos and comments online. Although he has a well paid job and is very wealthy but I think that this does not give him the right to insult the "poor". His comment was directed to all Singaporeans, he called all Singaporeans poor and to make matters worse after the uproar of netizens, he commented further: "don't blame me, blame your parents for raising you as a wuss". This comment of Mr Casey's was terribly affronting. The people on the MRT trains did not offend him in anyway but yet he wrote such horrible comments, mocking all Singaporeans by calling us poor and referring to us as "wusses". Furthermore, he insulted all Singaporean parents as well. Personally I feel that his words and actions reflect a lot on his own parents and his moral education as a whole.

Points of reflection:

I've learnt through this post that being rich does not make one successful. Success is beyond just cash. Of course, everyone wants to be wealthy and live a contented life but success also means to have respect for self and others. Respect is not demanded. Respect is gained. One cannot expect others to respect him/her just because he/she has more money than others. The rich are not the necessarily most respected and they are definitely not different from others. We are all human after all. Just because you have money doesn't mean that you are one level above the person next to you. If one does not put his/her wealth to use other than to benefit him/herself, I do not think the person is very successful in many ways. To me success is beyond wealth. Success is way beyond just having money. It is about being to help others within your ability. It does not matter how small or how big the act of kindness is but it is the heart that counts. You do not need to have a lot to help another person but if you have more money or greater abilities, one would be able to help others in many other ways but if you do not have that much money or great abilities, you can still help others. One does not laugh/mock the poor. Just because we are "better" than them. We seek to help them, we want to lend them a helping hand, with the best of our ability.

In conclusion, I think Mr Casey's case is a very good example of what we should not be doing when we grow up to be wealthy and successful in our fields of expertise. Try to give back to the society that you grew up in. The society shaped you to become who you are, your parents nurtured you to become who you are. Always try to help those in need. Not by mocking them but by lending them a helping hand when they need one.

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