Monday, 3 February 2014

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What I did: 

I looked up some news articles regarding the Anton Casey incident, which had occurred recently here in Singapore. It was about a British expat, Anton Casey, who posted offensive comments about poor people in Singapore.

My point of view about the incident: 

I feel that it was really inappropriate for Mr. Anton Casey to post insensitive and offensive comments about Singaporeans and Singapore's public transport. Although he might think that it is funny, he should also think about how his comments would affect other people, which, for this incident, is us Singaporeans and public transport users. 

In one of his posts that he made online, there was a picture of his five-year-old son and himself taking a train, as well as the caption which said 'Daddy, where is your car and who are all these poor people?'. Another of post that he made showed his silver Porsche with a caption that read 'Normal service can resume, once I have washed the stench of public transport off of me'. These posts were met with angry responses from netizens and these comments also caught the attention of the UK, Hong Kong and Australian media whose audience also responded scathingly to these comments. An apology that he had issued backfired as people felt that his apology was insincere.

As a result of his offensive posts, he was fired from his wealth management job. He was also faced with threats sent to him via mail and social media. He was forced to leave Singapore and was seen boarding a flight on a Singapore Airlines plane for Perth in the economy class.

An airline company, Scoot, had posted and advertisement on its facebook page which announced its discounted price for a travel to Perth, Australia, mocking Mr. Anton Casey's escape to the Australian City. In the post, it said, 'Hmm... we heard that Perth has become the destination of choice for an escape. So we decided to work overtime to bring you The great A.C Perth Escape Sale! (A.C for Amazingly Cheap of course.)'. It garnered 878 likes and 755 shares within 4 hours of its posting. There were more than 125 people who commented on that post, some applauding the parody and some saying that the post was insensitive.

I have learnt that whatever we do online has consequences, be it bad or good, and we should be aware of what we are posting online and we should not post insensitive remarks about someone of something, as you could get in trouble.

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