Sunday, 2 February 2014

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What I did : I followed Mrs Jang's instructions and went to read up more on the Anton Casey issue.

What I learnt :

Anton Casey made insulting remarks about singaporeans being poor and the 'stench of public transport'. It has since created an uproar amongst Singaporeans and the Briton was fired after his remarks started circulating online. His posts were deeply offensive and he has received threats towards him and his family. Mr Casey has apologized and he hopes that he will be forgiven. He has also volunteered to do community work to 'make up for his mistakes'.

My point of view :

I think that Mr Casey was extremely insensitive towards the feelings of Singaporeans. Having lived in Singapore for 12 years, I am quite sure he would have understood that such comments is not tolerated in Singapore. Although he is wealthy, he does not have the right to insult the 'poor'. Singaporeans taking the train did not offend him in anyway and yet his posts were directed to all Singaporeans. Actress Oon Shu An, wrote a post on Facebook which was directed to Mr Anton Casey, about his insulting comments and his insensitivity towards the people of Singapore.

However, I think that Singaporeans should not make threats towards him and his family. We, as Singaporeans should not be like him and make nasty comments about others. Singaporeans should move on from this incident as it is not good to harp on this case and Mr Casey has already fled to perth.

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