Monday, 3 February 2014

Independent Learning Log

3 February 2014


What I did: I went up online to see what were the consequences of Anton Casey's posts which went viral online.

What I learned: 
I found out that Anton Casey has to leave for Perth, Australia due to his hurtful postings on the internet which included a picture of his son with the caption: "Daddy where is your car and who are all these poor people?"
and he later posted a picture of his son is in a silver Porsche with the caption: "Normal service can resume, once I have washed the stench of public transport off me." This caused a major uproar and even the Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam had mentioned that the posts are "deeply offensive". Crossinvest Asia's states that the comments went against their core values. Despite his friend had mentioned that it was a statement that caused much misinterpretations as Singaporeans did not get the message behind it, it has caused much unhappiness to many.

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