Sunday, 2 February 2014

Independent Learning Log

9:00pm - 9.30pm

What I did:

What I learned:
I learned about the Anton Casey case that was quite a buzz in our country. Before this, I stumbled upon a screenshot of what he posted on Facebook on a page. Firstly, I think that there are two point of views to view this case. 

I think that what he had done was a rather huge mistake and that it should never have been said by him about us Singaporeans being "cheap" or "poor" in the first place to avoid all the commotions that are happening now. Like said, "When in Rome, do what Romans do", it should definitely be applied to everyone that is here especially in a multi-racial country like Singapore. Being an adult, who I would presume that he is definitely mentally-stable and mature, it was definitely wrong for him to say such immature things that are insulting to Singaporeans. Not only was he being insulting, he also bragged about his wealth.

However, despite his immature acts of belittling Singaporeans, he was quick to apologize about what he had said and was regretful of his actions. Not only that, he was fired from his well-paid job and was shunned by the foreign minister, and quickly moved to Australia after all that. Though, not all of us were satisfied about his apology as it sounded nowhere near sincere. Above all that, he served a good reminder to all of us to be careful of what we post online and what we say about our country.

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  1. Good job in summarizing all the articles you have researched on. I agree that he is a very good reminder to all of us that what we post online can be seen and we have to be mindful and sensitive of what we write about others there