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T1W4 Independent Learning Log

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What I did : 

With instructions from my English Language teacher Mrs Jang, I had to readdress the intriguing case of Mr Anton Casey in much more depth than my original ILL in Week 3. In this Independent Learning Log, I will cover the case of Anton Casey, how his case was blown out of proportion and social/ethical issues that have surfaced along with the discussion of how issues like these can be avoided.

What happened : 

This is a general summary of what happened to Anton Casey. He insulted the people of Singapore, and even labelled public transport for the 'poor' and 'smelly' people. He also posted pictures of his son with derogatory captions about taking the public transport, amongst other things. These actions have sparked off a huge uproar over the internet, and even caused his company of which he was the senior wealth manager to fire him. Being heavily lambasted by Singapore netizens, he left Singapore (in economy class) claiming to have received death threats directed to him and his family.

I feel that even though his comments were rude and utterly crass, this case did not have to be escalated so rapidly that the news is reported overseas. He has made an apology online, although some people regard his apology as not sincere as he had issued his apology through a public relations firm. His career and dignity had come crashing down in the short span of a few weeks. However, this case also concerns online security issues. His photos and comments on his Facebook profile were private to only him and his friends, however, it was the start of his downfall when they were posted online. A video which was uploaded onto Youtube which people mistook for his reaction (which angered people further) to the insults hurled at him was actually made a year prior to the incident happening. Again, that video was only shown to his friends originally. 

Although this case have shown the unity of Singaporeans online, it has also shown a bad face of Singaporeans online when the death threats started surfacing. This reflects badly onto us as it may be deemed "uncivilized" and "rude". 

Things like this can be prevented if we watch what we say online. Even if they were just innocuous jokes made for humour, the wrong audience can prove fatally disastrous results.

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