Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Independent Learning Log T1W4

Area to work on: Comprehension and Summary

What I did: 
I read the headline article on the Sunday Newspaper about Anton Casey and his remarks about Singaporeans and Public Transport in Singapore. I then made a summary about the issue in point form below. 

What I learned: 
Anton Casey: A British Expatriate who has lived in Singapore for the past 12 years and worked as a Wealth Fund Manager. 

What did he do: 
When his car broke down, he took public transport and posted a picture of his son in a bus with the captions “Daddy, where is your car & who are all these poor people?” on his Facebook account. Another photo posted a while later showed his son in his Porshe with an equally offensive caption: "Ahhhh reunited with my baby. Normal service can resume, once I have washed the stench of public transport off me.” As expected, due to these postings, he received a lot of hate from netizens and eventually even lost his job due to this incident. He was last seen on board a Singapore Airlines flight to Perth. 

Although some people commented that we were too harsh on Mr Casey, I feel that he should have thought about the consequences when posting the pictures online and what he got in return was entirely his own fault. It is evident from this incident that whatever we post online does have consequences and i think is relevant to the essay about “Ranting Online” and that we cannot be truly anonymous. Actions in cyberspace do have real world implications, in this case, It cost Mr Casey his job, friends and “adopted home” as he put it. 

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