Sunday, 2 February 2014

Independent Learning Log 4

1:30pm - 2.00pm


What I did:

In line with Ms Jang's instructions, I decided to revisit the Anton Casey issue again, but instead of reading from another perspective, I am going to research and elaborate about how the saga has progressed.

What I learned: 

Apparently, Scoot has managed to take advantage of this little fiasco caused by Anton and used to as an advertising opportunity, as shown below:

Also, a bar called 'The Tuckshop', located at Guillemard Road, was seen displaying this rather eye-catching sign:

I feel that, although both advertisements are quite laughable and attention-catching, they are of rather bad taste, capitalising on the mistake of another (this is directed at Scoot more, being a very big company). As I have said in my previous ILL (T1W3), I pity this guy due to the fact that 'his whole life practically got destroyed in a week (whether he deserved it or not)', quoting myself. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I am not the kind of person to hold a grudge, but, just to make my point clear (or clearer), I'll weigh in what he did and what he got for it.

A summary of what Anton did:

- Insult Singapore's rather advanced transport system
- Called Singaporeans 'poor people'
- Following up with an insult 'I don't mean to offend anyone, don't be angry with me. Be angry with your mum and dad for raising you a wuss' instead of a proper apology
- Calling a taxi driver a 'retard'
- Making an insincere public apology

What he did/got in return:

- A mob of angry Singaporeans armed with hate and words
- Publicly denounced by Singapore's foreign minister, K. Shanmugam
- Flew to Perth, Australia
- Infamy around the world

Although the patriotic part of me took a slap in the face from his comments and casual insults, I understand that, after all the things he did, his life has already been totally upended, his reputation ruined and whatever future he had, destroyed. Therefore, it seemed to me that he already got what he deserved. So I felt that it was not necessary for Scoot, in particular, to take a dig at this man and create a tongue-in-cheek advertisement like that, spreading his misfortune even further (this isn't really the first time Scoot has done something like that. The other time, they named a Boeing of theirs 'Bo-eng', after a suggestion from S-GAG, which is something like a local satire, but I digress). Of course, it could also be said that Anton does not deserve pity of any kind, as he did not seem to be very sincerely sorry for his mistakes and even tried to fight back against all the flak he was taking, to no avail. Still, I think everyone is deserving of pity and forgiveness, if, that is, they are willing to repent for their mistakes (sincerely).

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