Saturday, 1 February 2014



12.15 - 1.10


What I did:
Following Mrs Jang's instructions, I did my ILL based on the Anton Casey incident where he completely disregarded other's feelings and caused an uproar by his remarks.

What happened:
A British businessman who mocked the poor has fled Singapore after receiving death threats and losing his job as a wealth fund manager. Anton Casey caused an uproar in the country after posting a series of abusive photographs on Facebook where he called a local taxi driver a "retard" and referred to commuters as "the poor".

What I learnt:
I learnt that we should consider the feelings of others before posting such insulting remarks about one's country. We should also learn to communicate our negative feelings as such in a less offensive way so that the recipient will not take the information as disrespectful. 

Through reading the multiple articles about Mr Casey's behaviour, I also learnt that many author's have different styles of writing that give the information from certain stand points.

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