Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Independent Learning Log


Essay writing.

Source: Hannibal by Thomas Harris

What I did: I read through the entire book, making careful note of important plot points(e.g. the gradual turning of Margot Verger into a more-or-less good guy and how Lecter becomes a quasi-ally to Agent Starling) and how Harris portrays the two main characters while making the supporting characters feel like real people with real flaws.

e.g. Jack Crawford, while a mentor and dedicated civil servant, is implied to have had an affair and has multiple emotional insecurities regarding the death of his wife and his retirement from the FBI. 

What I learned: Not to cut corners when expressing horrifying/disgusting/immoral/evil actions in writing. To the contrary, add more details wherever possible while leaving some room for the reader to play with their imagination. And the actions of the protagonist must fit with his character. 
e.g. Hannibal Lecter has a taste for the dramatic. 
He hands a police Inspector in the same way an ancestor of his was. 

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