Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Summary of today's lesson - 15 January 2014

A simple summary of what we did today for both lessons: 

• We continued where we left off previously, discussing some of the "do-s" and "don't-s" in expository writing. We looked at the following:
   • Things not to do in the introductory paragraph
   • Good practices in writing the introductory paragraph
   • Common traits of a good Body paragraph
   • Essential components a good paragraph should have
• After the above, we looked at Mrs Jang's former student's essay, highlighting and identifying some of the essential components that would make up a good expository essay. 
We highlighted some of the following 

   • Transitional words
   • Repeated words throughout the essay
   • Keywords that were emphasised (words related to economics and words related to tourism)

By highlighting these key words and phrases, it gave us a better idea and understanding of the structure and format of an exemplary exposition essay. 

• After which we had the first class spelling test on the first 10 words from the spelling list given by Mrs Jang on Monday. 

The words tested are as listed below: 
1) aggravate
2) abundance
3) acquaintance
4) alibi
5) absence
6) accidentally
7) alleged
8) ambiguous
9) accommodate
10) acknowledgment

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