Monday, 13 January 2014

Independent Learning Log


What I did:
I wanted to work on my essay writing skills, so I studied a paper by the Cambridge Press on expository essays. I also did several exercises within the paper.

What I learned:
1. Based on the article, I was able to further understand the format and content in an expository writing and also the components in each paragraph. For example, a thesis statement should include: the topic of the essay, the writer’s position, opinion, or approach to the topic and the main ideas that will develop and support the writer’s position. 

2. I also am aware that by adding a hook to the essay, it makes the reader more interested in the paper. Also, I learned that the hook could be anything from a quotation or statement.


The learning experience for me today was mentally taxing as the language used was dry and boring albeit still fun and rewarding as several exercises were added. In essence, I learned that an expository essay should be logical, have good language and answers to the topic or question.


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