Monday, 13 January 2014

Independent Learning Log T1W1

Date: 8th January 2013
Source: Present Perfect Magazine

Area to work in: Vocabulary/Comprehension

What I did: 

I read the Genetically Modified Foods article about Genetically Modified foods in the Present Perfect magazine. In order to help my vocabulary, I jotted down the harder words into a notebook and searched up all the meanings and cousin words on I then copied the definitions onto the notebook. I believe that if I keep doing this, my vocabulary would soon improve. 

What I learned:

What are GM foods? 

GM foods stands fro genetically modified foods. These foods have had their DNA altered for various reasons such as to give the farmers a better yield or to be resistant to diseases or natural disasters like flooding. 


The genetically modified salmon grows 8 time faster than wild salmon. This enables the farmer to sell more salmon within a shorter amount of time. This means that the farmer can sell at a faster rate and can also spend less money on feeding they salmon as they grow. 


GM foods can grow quicker than regular non-GM foods. This gives the farmer more yield from his crops and with more food on the market place, bring food prices down. GM foods can also be resistant to diseases that might wipe out an entire species of crops. Thus making the food supply more consistent and prevents a situation of which a species of crops has been wiped out and there is a shortage for food. In the future, GM foods might be able to grow at a high speed such that we can afford to use it as biofuels, possibly solving the fossil fuel shortage in the world. 


GM foods have been accused of causing mutations to the humans who consume it on several occasions. As GM foods have only been around for a short period of time, we cannot be sure of the side effects of consuming it until it may be too late. 

My stand: 

I believe that it is not a question of whether we want or do not want to incorporate GM foods into our daily diets, but that we have no choice but to do so. The world is suffering from over-population and there are starving people everywhere. I think that GM foods might be a solution to the world’s lack of food problem. Furthermore, there is no concrete evidence that points to GM foods as a big factor of human mutations or diseases. I think that it is unethical to starve other people in the 3rd world, by taking away a solution to their biggest problem: hunger and starvation, just because of some unconfirmed health issues with it. 

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