Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Independent Learning Log 1


Source(s): (Great Writing Examples)

What I did: I read the personal recount mentioned above. The thing about the story that captivated me was the fact that although there weren't many complicated or bombastic words in it, the interesting content, the way the author told story and the way that he linked it to the lives of any other person out there more than makes up for it.
What I've learned: Using big words does not necessarily ensure that you compositions will stand out. Many a times good stories are defined by their content and other factors such as humour. But, fancy vocabulary can still be the frosting on the cake. Also, I hope to be able to improve my writing skills and vocabulary further.

Fun fact: A subdural hematoma is a 'traumatic brain injury where blood gathers between the outer protective covering of the brain and the brain itself', quoting the author


  1. Great article to read for better, structured writing of the English Language. Good solid lines showing different sections of a personal recount. You may want to state that you 're going to apply what you've learnt. Anyways good job!