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29th January 2014 
9.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.


The Independent:

What I did: 

This issue involving Anton Casey’s offensive remarks on Facebook caused a major uproar in Singapore and was closely followed by many Singaporeans. Though I was aware of this sensitive issue, I did not follow it closely and was glad we were encouraged to use this topic to write our this week’s ILL. 

What I have learnt: 

Before we head on to deeper, opinionated content, let us first explore what really happened in this sensitive issue which caused a massive online turmoil amongst Singaporeans. 

What happened:

British Businessman Anton Casey had caused an uproar in Singapore after posting a series of abusive photographs on Facebook where he called a local cab driver “retard” and referred to commuters as “the poor”. He have since left for Australia with his wife and son who are both Singapore citizens, after receiving death threats as well as losing his job. Having spent 12 years in Singapore, he apologized for his inappropriate remarks. He also said that he seek the forgiveness of the people of Singapore, his adopted home, and wished to return to it one day. He described this incident as “the worst mistake of my life”.

Mr Casey’s remarks certainly were rude and unpleasant, resulting in severe dissatisfaction by many Singaporeans. In such a small nation with a mixture of so many cultures, Singapore has little tolerance for peace-disturbing issues and Crossinvest Asia, Mr Casey’s employer had done the right thing by parting ways with Mr Casey with immediate effect. Although Mr Casey was wrong in the first place, Singaporeans shouldn’t have made death threats and made nasty race-related comments on this issue. Coming from a multi-racial society, we should be more mature and not display all these negative reactions.

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