Saturday, 25 January 2014

Independent Learning Log

Tan Shi Jie (23)

25th January 2014
7pm - 7.30pm

(These two reports have the same content, so I classified as one.)

What I did: 
I read this article about a New York boy whom was killed in a fire but sacrificed himself to save six of his family members. I spent around 10 minutes searching around for different articles, and spent the rest of the time comparing the news reports and finding differences between the facts presented.

What I learned:
The Yahoo news report stated that the part of the trailer that the grandfather was in did not have a smoke detector. In the whas11 news report, it was stated that there was a mistake, where the grandfather and uncle's locations were switched, due to incorrect information provided by a family member. Through this fact, I realised that although everyone's news report is slightly different, there is always similar facts and there can be new facts every news report. I found out that it is okay if you report different point of view's as long as they are factually truthful. 

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  1. I learnt more about the article and about different ways in presenting reports from different point of views.