Saturday, 11 January 2014

Independent Learning Log

T1W1 7/1/14 

Dan Brown's Deception Point
Online dictionaries

What I did:
I decided to re-read a few books which I found contained difficult words. I realized that when writing compositions, there were many times where I would struggle to find a word I needed to describe certain situations of the story. When there were words in the book that I did not understand, I would note the words and records them and find the meaning through online dictionaries like and

What I learned: 
When reading these books, I found that there were many words that I did not know the meaning of, and even some had a totally different meaning from what I thought it was. Such examples are :

Anachronistic – An inconsistency in time (e.g. Wearing a Top Hat in 2013)
Esoteric – Intended or likely for only a small group of people to understand (e.g. Inside jokes)
Aggrandize – To increase power, usually making oneself greater in reputation
Decadent – To have a decline in moral or ethical traditions, usually from excessive luxurious self-indulgence

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