Friday, 31 January 2014

Independent Learning Log

Tan Shi Jie (23)

T1W4 Independent Learning Log
31st January 2014


What I did:
Throughout the Chinese New Year break, I read up on the Anton Casey issue and found out that he caused an outrage in Singapore because he posted a series of abusive photographs on Facebook where he called a local taxi driver a "retard" and referred to commuters as "the poor".

What I learned:
After his insensitive comments, he lost his job as a wealth fund manager, and also received death threats from some Singaporeans. This caused him to flee from Singapore, to Perth.

I closely relate this incident to the Amy Cheong saga that happened a while ago. Both incidents happened because of insensitive comments that they posted without a lot of thought, and both incidents resulted in them losing their jobs.

I think that we should think carefully before we post stuff online, especially because the internet is such a good device now, people from all over the world can see what we post. We should not destroy our country's reputation with our own insensitive comments. We should also take note of what we are doing online so that we are not caught for doing illegal things like sending death threats. 

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