Sunday, 19 January 2014

Independent Learning Log

Date:  19 January 2013


What I did: With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, I decided to look up on what usually happens in Singapore. 

What I learned: I learnt that Lunar New Year is celebrated by lots of Chinese and this race in Singapore is not an exception. Following the tradition, many people head to the malls to purchase new clothes for the new year. Around Singapore, there are many festive decorations hanging around which can especially be seen on the streets of Chinatown which has many varieties ranging from lanterns to simple wall decorations. There are street performances such as lion and/or dragon dance and even the most anticipated Chingay Parade. Most also like to go visit families and also have a reunion dinner. Other than the many kinds of tidbits that can be found on the table, kids anticipate receiving red packets from the elders. 

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  1. I learnt more about the Lunar New Year and how it is celebrated in Singapore.