Monday, 20 January 2014

Independent Learning Log T1W2

Area to work in: Comprehension

What I did: 

I read the Stem Cells article about Stem Cell Research in the Present Perfect magazine. I chose this article as it is very in line with what i am learning in Biotechnology lessons - Researching and Engineering to improve the lives of humans. I wanted to improve on my comprehension skills so i would be doing a tabulation of the points stated for and against the research in this Learning Log. 

What I learned:

Uses of these cells: 
These cells have infinite potential, some scientist even speculate that they might be the key to finding cures of terminal diseases like HIV or cancer.

Argument for the research: 
The research uses unwanted embryos from abortion or test-tube babies to carry out its research on. Therefore, there is no real loss as the embryo was unwanted and going to die anyway.

Argument against the research: 
Human rights activist claim that the research violates human rights and should be stopped immediately. Religious groups are also against this practice as it violates religious laws, especially in Muslim dominated countries like the arab countries. Some governments are also worried that the research would give rise to a whole new industry that supplies labs with embryos for this research and turning in into a lucrative-money making unethical business. 

My stand: 

I feel that since the babies are already unwanted, there is little harm in using them for the potential improvement in mankind's future. As for the part about the human rights of an embryo, i googled are found out that since the embryo doesn't have a conscious, and therefore not any human rights associated, there should not be any legal implications of using them for research.  I believe that the governments should not shut down the research due to a new industry of illegal embryo growing and selling and proper law enforcement rules would eliminate the rise of such an industry. As for the cons due to religious rules, I feel that we as humans should not be overly hung up over old rules regarding this issue. i believe that we should be flexible and mould our rules according to the times and move with it, instead of suppressing human progress with old rules and beliefs. 

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