Monday, 20 January 2014

Independent Learning Log T1W2

19th January 2014
9pm - 9.30pm


What I did: To improve my vocabulary, I used Spark Notes to learn some new words.

What I learnt:

(v.) to reject, renounce (To prove his honesty, the president abjured the evil policies of his wicked predecessor.)
(v.) to abolish, usually by authority (The Bill of Rights assures that the government cannot abrogateour right to a free press.)
(adj.) biting, bitter in tone or taste (Jill became extremely acerbic and began to cruelly make fun of all her friends.)
(n.) bitterness, discord (Though they vowed that no girl would ever come between them, Biff and Trevor could not keep acrimony from overwhelming their friendship after they both fell in love with the lovely Teresa.)
(n.) keen insight (Because of his mathematical acumen, Larry was able to figure out in minutes problems that took other students hours.)

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  1. As this is the first time I have come across some of these words, I have learnt some new words.