Monday, 20 January 2014

Independent Learning Log - T1W2


What I did : I finished reading the book "the fault in our stars"

What I learned: This book talks about two cancer survivors meeting at a support group and eventually becoming close friends. A book named "An Imperial Affliction" brought their relationship into a whole new level and they seek to find the author to ask questions about the book. It is a very interesting story but In order to comprehend the storyline fully it requires one to think deeper into the context. Along the way I've also picked up several vocabularies.

Profusely - in an abundantly manner
Rhetorical - expressed in terms to impress or persuade
Adolescent - the process of growing from a child into an adult
Phantasms - an illusion
Unhinged -  mentally unbalanced 

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  1. The book has an interesting storyline. The vocabulary is useful when trying to make your sentence more descriptive