Monday, 13 January 2014

Independent Leaning Log


“Why are Asthma Rates Soaring”  The Scientific American Magazine

What I did

I read through the article twice, first time to get a rough idea on the article, second to read in greater detail and look out for new vocabulary that I can learn.

What I have learned

I’ve learnt that scientists are not sure of what the exact cause of the increasing rate of asthma is but they have found multiple possible causes of the rising rates. One of the reasons being the lack of personal hygiene. The lack of personal hygiene might allow airborne bacteria to enter into our respiratory system more easily and cause the inflammation of the airways hence resulting in episodes of acute spasms of the passageways, etc.

After reading this article, I have gained more knowledge on this topic and I have certainly understood what message the article was trying to convey. Reading more of these articles will help me understand passages better and from reading scientific magazines I have more opportunities to come across more in-depth words and vocabulary that will definitely help me in my essay writing.

List of Vocabulary I've learnt:
entomology: the Study of insects
asthmatic bronchitis: It is a type of asthma 

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