Monday, 27 January 2014

Indepedant Learning Log



What I did :

I decided to read up on the quite recent case of Anton Casey, who had sparked off a huge uproar after his comments on the internet went viral.

The summary of the story :

Anton Casey was a Briton banker who had commented, in an online post on the online social networking website Facebook, about the 'stench' of public transport and that people who take the public transport are all 'poor' and 'smelly'. There were many more posts online which infuriated people, a few depicting his 5-year-old son. The situation worsened after a video clip of him mocking the reactions to his comments surfaced. The furore he created even had a petition created to deport him. However, Mr. Casey left Singapore –in Economy Class– for Australia, claiming to have received death threats, and had "parted ways" with his company.

What I learned :

I learned that anything you say on the internet cannot be deleted, and that seemingly innocuous offhand remarks can be taken seriously or be misinterpreted by others, and can also offend people. This article has also shown me how powerful the internet can be and like a double-edged sword, how dangerous it also is. As with the case with Anton Casey, he has already lost his job and respect from others, and although he has already apologized, the damage cannot be undone.

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