Saturday, 25 January 2014




What I did:

I wanted to improve on my general knowledge and my vocabulary so I went to BBC and found this interesting article about the man with 13 legs

What I learned:

The man, Jozef Metelka, has 12 different prosthetics each specialised for a different sport. Metelka’s first prosthetic leg was a basic model from the UK’s National Health Service, which allowed him to stand and walk, but he felt that it was "nothing special". Then he met with specialists at Pace Rehabilitation in the UK, and his collection began to grow. The prostheticists at Pace began designing a suite of limbs to get him up and running- and skiing, and biking, and rollerblading. Each time Metelka suggested a new sport, the team designed a corresponding leg.


prosthetics- the branch of surgery or of dentistry that deals with the replacement of missing   parts with artificial structures
albeit- although; even if
accentuate- to give emphasis or prominence to
intricately- having many interrelated parts or facets

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