Friday, 31 January 2014


9:45- 10:30pm


What I did:
I have heard of the controversy surrounding Anton Casey because of his comments on Singaporeans being "poor people" so I decided to find out more about this incident.

What I learned:
Because of the Facebook posts insulting Singaporeans Anton Casey posted on his wall, many angry Singapore residents have begun retaliating to his disrespectful comments towards the citizens of the nation he lives in. Many have even made death threats against him and his family. Even budget Singapore airline Scoot had fun of his whole family in their latest advertisement.

I think all this behaviour is very disrespectful and it does not make us any better than Anton Casey if we treat him like that. Criticizing his manners is one thing but why drag his family members into it as well? They were innocent, especially his son, who obviously did nothing to deserve the personal attacks he received. Insulting caucasians all together is not fair to the other caucasians who are residing in Singapore but have joined us in condemning Casey's behaviour.

All in all, I feel that we Singaporeans should just forget about this incident and move on now that Casey has been forced out of the country and fled to Perth. He should not stoop so lowly to his level and do what he has done to us as that will only make us look worse than what he has described us as.

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