Friday, 17 January 2014



9.50pm - 10.15pm

Shaun Neo (22)

What I did:
I went to and read an article about the cost of living in Singapore being a major problems for youths.

What I learnt:
I learnt about why living in Singapore is so costly, especially for young Singaporeans as most have just started working and have low incomes for the time being. The high-prices of condominiums and flats are so high that most of the youths prefer to live with their parents as a way to save more money. It was also stated that buying a car for young Singaporeans was "unrealistic" as on top of the high market prices of the cars themselves, the law requires drivers to have a driver's permit also known as C.O.E, which hit a record high of S$72,369, making it extremely difficult for a person who just began work to afford a car.

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