Sunday, 26 January 2014

Ikmal Hakeem (17)



What I did:
I watched a documentary of crimes committed where people were being assaulted or robbed. It suddenly came to my mind as to why these people would be assaulted or robbed, especially at night and in quiet neighborhoods. I came across this article as I was searching over the different news sites.

What I learned:

I learned that people can judge you according to the way that you walk, especially muggers. In this article, some prisoners who were convicted for crimes such as assault and murders, were shown some clips taken of how some people walked and were asked to assess and give a rating on how easy it was to attack a particular individual only by seeing the way they walked. After some analysis of the way some people walked, it was shown that victims had subtly less coordinated movements than that of non-victims. It is also proven that you can change the way of how you walk such that people would not see you as a vulnerable person.

1 comment:

  1. I like the fact that you decided to watch a documentary for your ILL instead of the usual options like reading a text online.